Astrology Is Just A Finger Pointing At Reality

Step 1:

You can contact customer service/make an appointment through WeChat, once the time for consultation is confirmed, we will use WeChat video for one-on-one communication:

  • wechat (woobydoobie)
Remarks: The consultation time will start from 09:00am to 01:00pm. If you have special request, you can personally contact Wooby for further discussion regard the appointment.
**He able to suit the time suggested, if the time able to accommodate with yours, so no worry.

Step 2:

Provide your personal details and choose the duration of your desired session.

  • English Name
  • Contact : (Please Include Country Code)
  • Email
  • Date & Time
  • Time of Birth
  • Place Of Birth

Pick Your Desired Duration :

  • 15min (RM250 nett)
  • 30min (RM500 nett)
  • 45min (RM750 nett)
  • 60min (RM1000 nett)

    Remarks: Part of the payment will be paid for charity purposes on your behalf, to wish us have the biggest blessings.

Step 3:

After payment, please provide your receipt as support. Once the payment confirm, Wooby reconfirm with you the time and the slot will lock. And the rest is to meet on time on the scheduled date.


Remark: Kindly attached your bank receipt via Wechat after payment have been done.


* No refunds are accepted for any reason after payment.
(If you are unable to attend suddenly, it can be transferred to others for use).
*No date or time change will be accepted after payment.
*The divination commentary will be conducted in Chinese.
*The divination commentary session does not provide any video, audio, and text commentary as a record.
*If the divination time cannot be used completely / ends early, it will not be accepted in installments.
*Divination time will not be delayed or increased due to personal reasons, so please confirm your consultation time before paying.
*Fortune-telling consultation can be requested through wechat or zoom.